Jodi Diamond Motorcycle Accident Fundraiser
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Jodi Diamond Motorcycle Accident Fundraiser
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Jodi Diamond Motorcycle Accident Fundraiser

On a trip from Vegas to Tennessee to ride the Tail of The Dragon, Jodi had a terrible motorcycle accident. After about 800 miles of riding fun, a terrible storm moved in. Wind, Rain and hail Rocked her and her bike. Jodi decided it might be better to pull over and wait until visibility was better for her to continue to the hotel about ten miles away. Unfortunately she couldn’t see that there really wasn’t a shoulder and her and her bike went flipping off the muddy embankment.

Jodi sustained some bad injuries and was taken to an Austin Texas hospital where she has had multiple surgeries on her foot and leg. She will recover thankfully but it will be a journey. Jodi needs help getting her and her broken bike back to Vegas, she has a small brain bleed which makes flying home not possible and we are working on a plan to get her home.  She will need help with medical bills, living expenses until she can get back to work. Let’s show her how the biker community can come together.


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BikerDown is offering social media fundraising to our accident victims and their families.   100% of your donation goes to the family, all donors can add the credit card processing fees to your donation to help BikerDown continue to host these fundraisers.   If you have any questions, please email, or call our office at 720-328-9795.  You can also visit our website at

Name Date Amount Comments
Karen Wessolleck 06/16/2021 $75.00 Hope to see you soon.
Kay Wess 06/11/2021 $50.00 You are a great person and I look forward to seeing you ride again.
Shelby Hunter 06/10/2021 $50.00 Wishing you a speedy recovery!
Ron Carey 06/09/2021 $20.00 Get better! Love ya!
Janet Cole 06/01/2021 $10.61 Wishing you well Jodi. You've got a lot of support from friends who care. Sending you love and encouragement! Janet
Brenda Forster 05/29/2021 $50.00 Get well soon Miss Jodi
Ron Witek 05/28/2021 $100.00 Get Well Soon!
Steve Keener 05/28/2021 $103.30 Hope you recover soon!
Thomas Badlam 05/24/2021 $154.79 Jodi, Karen and I wish you a speedy recovery. Tom
Tammy P 05/24/2021 $25.00 Safe travels ❤️
Joseph Mezzatesta 05/22/2021 $103.30 Wishing you a quick recovery, Jodi!
Kirstin Shafer 05/22/2021 $100.00 Get well soon, Jodi! We’re all rooting for you, and will keep you in our prayers!
Russell Rummel 05/22/2021 $103.30 Lynne and I wish you a magical recovery.
Bob Swieda 05/22/2021 $100.00 Glad you are healing and on your way home. We will keep you in our prayers!
JOEY HABIBI 05/21/2021 $103.30 Theresa and I wish you the best of luck on your long road to recovery.
Thomas Leonard 05/21/2021 $51.80 Safe travels
Lauren Taylor-Scicchitano 05/21/2021 $25.00 So glad that you are ok. Get well and recover
Joel Barraclough 05/21/2021 $100.00 Get well soon
Norah Loker 05/20/2021 $51.80 Wishing you a speedy recovery ❤
R and M Hollander 05/20/2021 $100.00 Jodi, We wish you a speedy recovery and hope you’re back in the saddle soon! Michele and Richard
Sandra Holmes Hinson 05/20/2021 $59.00  
Harry. Moore 05/20/2021 $103.30 Wishing you a full and quick recovery ?
Shannon Venturo 05/20/2021 $100.00 Get home safe. Much love and respect. Bling Deva’s MC
Christine Sexsmith 05/20/2021 $206.28 Wishing you a speedy recovery my friend!
BikerDown Las Vegas 05/20/2021 $200.00 On behalf of BikerDown Las Vegas, please accept this donation to help you get home. If we can help you in any other way, please let me know. I will be in touch when you are feeling better.
Anonymous Friend 05/20/2021 $79.62 Get Well Girl.
Rhonda Fant 05/20/2021 $26.06 Best wishes for a speedy recovery! Praying for you!
Michelle Lang 05/20/2021 $250.00 Love you friend! Hope you get home this weekend and heal rapidly! Hate we didn’t get to see each other this week!
  Total $2,501.46  
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