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My step dad Steve Olszewski was t-boned by a Jeep on Sunday August 18th. He was out just taking a Sunday cruise on his bike that he did every chance he could get. The guy who hit him is lying to police saying that he did not run a red light. Steve became my stepdad when I was four years old and has rode a motorcycle as long as I can remember. He is the most cautious and safe driver and I would put my life on it that he did not run a red light. Everybody I spoke with after the wreck who was at the scene thought he was going to die. And I am sure the guy who hit him was thinking the same thing and was very scared so he lied to police. When we got the call and went to the emergency room all he kept saying was it wasn’t my fault they ran the red light and hit me. At this time we have no witnesses of the wreck. We have hired a lawyer to investigate and we are seeking justice for Steve. He was immediately taken into surgery after the wreck. He has two broken legs, a broken foot, broken ankle, numerous broken ribs, and three fractures in his lower vertebrae‘s, hematoma in his abdomen and sutures on his face to close up a large gash above his right eye. He was intubated for three days and after his second surgery on his legs they took him off the ventilator and when he woke up his story was the same as it was when he was in the emergency room right after the wreck. He was getting ready to retire from the Great Falls public school district in February as he would have been there for 25 years. He is waiting right now for a bed to open up in Salt Lake City or Seattle to have a skin graft done on his leg. He has health insurance through the school district but has a $7000 deductible and will now have his mortgage, car payment and many other bills to pay with no income. I am seeking any help I can for Steve. He did not deserve this and his life will be forever changed. 

Thank you so much.

Deedra Suek

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