Mike Taylor Accident Fundraiser
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Mike Taylor Accident Fundraiser
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BikerDown is doing this fundraiser on behalf of Mike Taylor.  He was injured while riding when a cager on his cell phone cut him off causing Mike to have to lay the bike down.  He has no memory after the cager passing him, but clearly he was driving distracted.

Mike was in the hopsital with multiple surgeries, but is at home recooperating.  He is unable to work for at least the next 3 months and is asking for the riding communities help.  Anything you can donate will be used to help him keep his home and utilites going.

BikerDown has assisted with some services as well.  Please help this rider in in need.  100% of what is donated will go directly to Mike.

ABOUT Accident Victim 2018-2019


BikerDown is offering social media fundraising to our accident victims and their families.   100% of your donation goes to the family*   If you have any questions, please visit info@bikerdown.org

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