Glenn Hendrich Accident Fundraiser
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Glenn Hendrich Accident Fundraiser
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Hello my name is Angela Hendrich. I am writing on behalf of my husband Glenn. Let me first give you a little info about us. We have been in the Phoenix area since 2015. We have been involved with the community since. He works has a truck driver and I am a nanny. We have 6 children between the two of us. They are between the ages of 28 to 21, all living away from home. 


On July 21st, he went down on his bike on Hwy 89 north of the town of Congress. He had to be Careflighted back to Phoenix to Banner Thunderbird. He was admitted to the hospital and it was found that he had shattered his right upper arm. He had surgery on Tuesday and was released from the hospital on Wednesday. He is going to be out of work for at least 6 week and has a lot of physical therapy ahead of him. We are still waiting on an estimate of how much repairs for his motorcycle are going to cost.


We are asking for help to cover our bills for the next few months while he heals. We are also asking for help covering the cost of repairs to his bike. 

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ANGELA SOLOMON 08/03/2019 $20.00 Sending healing your way in whatever form I can. Love you guys.
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