Colorado - #2Wheels4Meal
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Colorado - #2Wheels4Meal

#2Wheels4Meals is a movement started by Colorado Riders Care to support motorcycle-focused businesses in our state while feeding needy people during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are asking for donations to contribute to our efforts to support locally owned motorcycle businesses so that when the health crisis is over, our favorite locally owned restaurants, bars and entertainment venues are still here.

By creating awareness and developing fundraisers, Colorado Riders Care can pay participating restaurants who are experiencing forced-closures for dine-in business to create meals for distribution.

  • Individuals are able to contact the restaurant directly and claim a #2Wheels4Meals voucher, and
  • The Colorado Riders Care team coordinates regular distributions in the community.

Additionally, the website promotes other motorcycle-focused businesses and provides information, via a business directory, on how customers can continue to support those businesses.

*Approx. 1500 meals provided through 5/3/2020 - (over 200 meals to individuals not listed)

March 28: Dirty Dogs Roadhouse - First responders & VA Hospital workers — 85 meals  Click here to see video

April 4: Dirty Dogs Roadhouse - Denver Rescue Mission — 170 meals  Click here to see video

April 5: Dirty Dogs Roadhouse - St. Anthony’s Hospital — 160 meals

April 11:  Dirty Dogs Roadhouse - West Metro Fire, St. Anthony’s & Denver Health — 200 meals

April 18: Dirty Dogs Roadhouse - Joshua Station - Denver - 100 Meals - segment

April 26:  Dirty Dogs Roadhouse - West Metro Fire, St. Anthony's, Lutheran Hospital and Denver Heal - 200 meals watch video

April 29:  The Piper Inn - Station 9 - Aurora Fire Department - 10 meals - watch video

May 3rd:  Dirty Dogs Roadhouse - Arvada Fire Dept. Station 3, VA Hospital, Bethany Nursing Home & Rehabilitation, Sloane Lake Medical Center, and University of Colorado Hospital - 300 meals

May 7th:  Stagecoach Saloon Franktown  - Franktown Fire & Rescue and Denver Station 34 Lone Tree - 25 meals

May 10th Dirty Dogs Roadhouse - Lutheran Hospital and Jeffco Jail - 200 Meals


Dirty Dogs Roadhouse in Golden, Colorado is currently our primary host restaurant. Anonymous vouchers cashed in at Dirty Dogs Roadhouse — *50+


Colorado Riders Care

We are a group of businesses and non-profits that love the motorcycle community including: Rider Justice, META magazine, Colorado Rider News, Dirty Dogs Roadhouse, and BikerDown, a Colorado 501(c)(3). BikerDown manages all donated funds on behalf of Colorado Riders Care.

*We encourage direct donations to the restaurants supporting the #2Wheels4Wheels mission and we encourage those in need to request a voucher through the restaurant to cash in. We do not keep a strict count on meals donated or cashed in from individuals. The count on this page primarily consists of larger donations through our fundraising efforts.


ABOUT #2Wheels4Meal

BikerDown is offering social media fundraising to our accident victims and their families.   100% of your donation goes to the family, all donors can add the credit card processing fees to your donation to help BikerDown continue to host these fundraisers.   If you have any questions, please email, or call our office at 720-328-9795.  You can also visit our website at

Name Date Amount Comments
Brent Kimball 05/22/2020 $100.00  
Andrew Campo 05/21/2020 $100.00 Thanks to everybody who is helping with #2Wheels4Meals, it's an honor to be aligned with you all on this amazing effort. The META team
Enrique Parrilla 05/21/2020 $10.00  
Tara Lu 05/02/2020 $20.00 ♥️
Scott McGlasson 05/01/2020 $30.00 For Bethany Nursing and Rehab
Anna K 05/01/2020 $30.00  
Barney Fife 05/01/2020 $100.00 Take care, stay safe and God Bless
Anonymous Friend 04/30/2020 $100.00 Great work all!
Craig Kissler 04/24/2020 $300.00 From Chuey, Bo, Arthur, Gwenevere and Melissa
  Total $790.00  
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