Accident Fund - Colorado Chapter
Accident Fund - Colorado Chapter
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Colorado Accident Fund Account is at an all time low.  The number of accidents and fatalities that have occurred in July and August to date has been overwhelming:

PLEASE MAKE A DONATION TODAY to help keep our organization going thru the next 2 months - we are in desperate need of 3,000.00 to be able to help the next set of injured riders.

Here is what we have distributed from July 15th thru August 15th - 

Last month I updated you our organization's need for assistance from the riding community. I thank you to everyone who donated. Sadly, this Colorado community continued to be injured and killed on their motorcycle. Here is what we have distributed out this month:


500.00 - Rider in need with keeping his trailer

130.00 - Towing bill/storage to get a bike out of tow lot

500.00 - Rider in need of food, groceries and cell phone is his only communication for Dr. appts. etc.

400.00 - Flying a injured rider home from Sturgis

250.00 - fund given to rider in Sturgis for help with hotel expenses for family

250.00 - motorcycle urn donated to fatality

250.00 - motorcycle urn donated to family

150.00 - 2 small motorcycle urns donated to family

125.00 - groceries for family of 7 - rider is out of work for 6 months

279.81 - Electric bill paid to injured rider

250.00 - Cable, groceries and cell phone bill paid for an injured rider.


WE NEED YOUR HELP TO GET THRU THE NEXT COUPLE MONTHS - please donate 100% to our Colorad


ABOUT Colorado Chapter - 2018-2019
Name Date Amount Comments
Kendra Shattuck 08/15/2019 $10.00  
Tammy Maggard 08/15/2019 $50.00  
Sherrie Schulze 11/08/2018 $100.00  
Jeffrey Greaser 11/08/2018 $55.00  
  Total $215.00  
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